Foamex International has launched its new website Designed to offer improved navigation along with graphics "that better portray Foamex’s leading role in foam technology and solutions," the website also features information on Foamex’s entire product line, according to Foamex.

“We continue to make strategic investments in the technologies that will move Foamex forward, and this website is no exception,” said Jack Johnson, Foamex president and CEO. “The site’s new look, feel and usability is now very much aligned with our position as the industry’s technology leader and the provider of high-quality, commodity and specialty foams for diverse applications in the home, healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care and transportation markets.”

The site is broken down into subsections designed to showcase the range of Foamex's products: Earth Friendly, R&D Driven, Technologies, and Market Solutions. On the homepage, a Stories of Innovation section describes Foamex’s role in medical mattress improvements, de-foaming technology for safer medical procedures, safety foam for the transportation industry, efficient and dependable laser jet and inkjet printing, and more.

“Our products literally surround consumers in their everyday lives, and we wanted the new website to reflect that,” said Alvaro Vaselli, sr. vp, Foam Products Business Management. “In a very visual way, the website illustrates our solutions-oriented approach and provides insight into our key technologies. The intent is to engage visitors from the markets and industries we serve so they’ll initiate conversations with us about their business and product needs. That’s how the next generation of foam innovations begins.”