Keene Building Products' Quiet Qurl 55/025 MC MT Muffler Technology is a nominal 0.25“, “U” Groove entangled core mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. On the top side, a point bonded, moisture resistant fabric is laminated to the core so that gypsum concrete and other materials can be placed to create a floating floor. On the bottom side, a highly compressible polyester fabric is bonded. This “muffler” almost completely compresses when installed with a 1.25” gypsum concrete floor underlayment, according to the company.

The white high loft fabric adds about a third of an ounce per square yard to the entangled net but greatly limits the ability of vibration air pressure in the void space, resulting in a dramatically quieter assembly, Keene notes. Additionally, the MT technology adds 5 IIC points to the assembly. For more information, visit