Tarkett has increased the recycled content in its commercial tile products and has adopted a new set of initiatives designed to ensure its products and manufacturing practices "continue to become more sustainable." The new initiative, called Balanced Choice. evaluates the product’s quality, reliability and product life benefits by focusing on resource stewardship, raw materials, "people-friendly" benefits, and recycling.

“We continue to look at the economic, industrial and social frameworks that surround our products,” said Diane Martel, vp marketing for Tarkett Commercial. “While we constantly examine the methodologies and tools that allow us to reclaim and produce flooring, we are striving to find innovative ways to reuse those materials and produce the high performance and lasting products we are known for.“

The company has also increased the amount of recycled content in key products. For example, Azrock’s Advance CortinaStone now contains up to 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Azrock Asset VCT now contains at least 1 percent or more post-consumer recycled content. Tarkett reclaims, crushes and reuses its tiles for its post-consumer content versus foreign material. It intentionally uses its recycled flooring as the ingredients of its recycled content to ensure the products’ integrity and durability is the highest quality, the company noted.

“One of our top priorities is creating sustainable flooring,” said Martel. “We are expanding that effort through our ReUse Reclamation Program and by following our Balanced Choice initiative.”