Dear Valued Customer:

FLEXCO would like to thank you for the support you have placed in our company.

Dear Valued Customer:

FLEXCO would like to thank you for the support you have placed in our company.  We are a part of the Roppe Holding Company family, and through this our goal is to utilize RHC’s strong and diverse capabilities to produce quality products and services to benefit our customers.  FLEXCO has been in business for over 60 years and as our customer you have largely contributed to our success.

FLEXCO has advanced as an industry pioneer and innovator by remaining performance-driven, progress-oriented, and partnership-minded.  We take the initiative to bring you the very best flooring options available today.  FLEXCO is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of color and design and providing flooring that meets or exceeds all required safety and technical standards.  We specifically engineer our products to use the largest possible amounts of recycled content or renewable resources.  We use naturally renewable raw materials like natural rubber and soybean oil and recycled materials from tire buffing and cords that make a positive impact on the environment and a positive impact on your LEED® projects.  Our newest product - Tuflex Force, which is the ideal answer for your commercial and sports flooring needs, is manufactured using 85% post-consumer recycled materials.  With our new program, EcoScorecard, LEED® documentation is now available directly from  Add all this together and FLEXCO can offer one of the largest portfolios of environmentally friendly products and services in the resilient industry that can make a difference on your next commercial building project.

Your continuous loyalty and support has assisted us in gaining our position in the industry and the markets we serve, and it will continue to allow us to strengthen this position in the future.  FLEXCO looks forward to the continued growth for the company in conjunction with you, our valued customer.

Once again, FLEXCO would like to thank you and assure you that we will continue to provide you with the quality products you have come to expect and the level of service you deserve.


Donald P. Miller