An independent laboratory test done by Centaur Technologies in Calhoun, Ga., has found that carpet treated with Beaulieu's Magic Fresh "sharply and rapidly" decreases the odor of pet urine. Carpet samples treated with Magic Fresh and carpet left untreated were both subjected to equal amounts of pet urine to test the carpets' odor-control properties. “The results were even more dramatic than we expected,” said Jeff Meadows, exec vp, Beaulieu of America.

“An odor-free environment is critical for property managers showing apartments. Strong odors like pet urine are a real turn-off to potential renters -- even those with pets themselves,” Meadows noted. He added that the company is developing a Magic Fresh testing kit, called "Take the Magic Fresh Challenge," to remind dealers of the odor-fighting properties of the product.

In the laboratory study, both men and women were asked to judge the strength of the urine during a blind smell test. After two days, participants detected very little or no odor with the Magic Fresh samples, while the untreated samples still had a strong odor. The test also registered the presence of ammonia in parts per million (the odor-causing component of urine) over the same two-day period. According to Beaulieu, the Magic Fresh samples registered a sharp and rapid decline in the ammonia level in the air of the test chamber.