Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet is made using triexta fiber.

In a move that marks the first significant change in the residential carpeting classification in 50 years, the Federal Trade Commission has agreed to reclassify Mohawk and DuPont’s PTT fiber, which was formerly recognized as polyester. The new subclass, called triexta, aims to show that PTT and polyester “share little more than a similar chemical structure,” according to Mohawk. Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets are made from triexta, which is marketed by DuPont under the trademark Sorona.

“Our retail partners told us the current generic name was misleading to consumers and that retailers found it difficult to clearly communicate the benefits of this different and superior product when it fell into the same category as traditional polyester products,” said Jeff Lorberbaum, Mohawk’s chairman and CEO. “We are thrilled with the FTC’s ruling, particularly because of the business benefits it brings to our retailers.”