Bentley Prince Street announced it has reorganized its marketing department, with an eye toward aligning its overall brand strategy. As part of the reorganization, the company’s Organizational Development team has merged with the Marketing team. Catherine Minervini, formerly vp marketing, will leave the company to pursue a marketing consulting career in the interiors industry.

"Integrating these two functions in one department helps us more effectively manage the human behavior aspect of our business, whether strengthening our customers’ connection to our products or our associates’ connection to our vision," said Anthony Minite, BPS president.

The team will be led by Cathy Frial, who has become Director of Marketing and Organizational Development, reporting to Minite.

"Cathy brings a deep understanding of, and expertise in, our culture, customer engagement, organizational branding and internal communications initiatives," Minite noted. "Combining our internal and external branding and marketing efforts under her leadership will enable us to better leverage these activities and sustain a culture of engagement among our customers and associates."

With over a decade in the flooring industry, Frial joined Bentley Prince Street in 2003, managing the company’s customer relations team. Prior to her new role, she was director of organizational development for Bentley Prince Street, responsible for associate and customer engagement as well as developing, implementing and measuring initiatives designed to improve organizational effectiveness across the company.