In a move aimed at streamlining its North American and European business units and "harmonizing the Pergo brand image worldwide," Pergo has centralized the global activities of Pergo Europe and Pergo USA into a new holding company called Pergo AG. Based in Baar, Switzerland, the new company will oversee the research and development, marketing and sales departments.

"After a year spent in preparation, we have given ourselves a clear organization here and will now carry on with the task of driving the business forward towards our goal. Consistent with our motto: ‘There is only one Pergo’," Eisermann said, adding he sees "great potential" in the new structure.

"From now on, when it comes to global decisions, Pergo will look to Baar in Switzerland. Because it is here, under the umbrella of Pergo AG and the leadership of Pergo CEO Ralf Eisermann, that all the key positions of Pergo AB Europe and Pergo LLC, operating in the North American market, have been concentrated," the company said in a statement.

Pergo AG, founded on July 1, 2009, assumes the Business Center Flooring role as part of MDAX listed Pfleiderer AG, which has owned the floor manufacturer since 2007.