2009 was a challenging business climate for our industry. Where do you see business going in 2010?

If you listened to the economic gurus on the Sunday morning news shows you would probably be just as confused as I am. This week, one administration official stated the recession was over and a second one, when asked if the recession had ended, commented, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

The true answer is nobody really knows. On the other hand, the answer doesn’t really matter. Like any surfer will tell you, you’ll never catch the big wave if you don’t paddle out to get it.

Honestly, I’m beginning to see some swells. They are uneven and unpredictable but they are there. With that in mind, Anderson is preparing for the wave with new introductions, new technology, and new promotional initiatives.

What design and technology trends do you see on the horizon for your product segment?

Consumers tell us that price matters like never before … but they still demand style, and performance. Anderson has repositioned our brands to deliver just that: “Affordable Luxury.” We plan to deliver high style at lower price points but not at the cost of performance.

While prices are going down, Anderson will be launching a new high-technology finish at Surfaces, called Luster Lock Ultra, that delivers three times more resistance to scuffs and abrasion than any other finish currently on the market.

The same mindset goes for Green products in 2010.

In what way will green products be an important aspect of business in 2010?

Consumers tell us that Green is Great, but before they buy they want to be assured they will get a return on their investment. The Green products they will buy must save them money, energy, or make their home safer to live in. Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are high on their list but they don’t just want your assurance; they want a recognized outside body to underwrite your promise.

John Woolsey, VP Marketing and Merchandising

What message would you like to give the industry for 2010?

When the big wave does come I believe we will see a number of companies that currently have been holding on and treading water unable to finance the growth necessary to fill your demands. The wave will come and some will go under never to emerge again. Two years ago, Anderson aligned our company with Shaw, the world’s largest floor covering manufacturer. We did this to make sure we would be there to service you when the wave hits.

As you prepare for 2010 it will be critical that you evaluate your suppliers and make sure you invest with those that can give you a return in the future.