Mannington Mills said it does not currently have any plans to increase prices on any of its residential or commercial flooring products. “Company executives feel optimistic about the upcoming spring selling season, and want to encourage the trend of positive consumer sentiment by holding prices steady,” the company noted.

“Although we are experiencing rising raw material and energy costs, we feel that the economy is still too uncertain to support a price increase at this time,” stated Tom Davis, president and CEO of Mannington Mills Inc. “We believe the industry is beginning to gain some early momentum and we would like to help perpetuate this positive movement. However, if costs continue to rise, we may be forced to reconsider our position and pass them through.”

Davis continued, “It has been an extremely challenging environment, but hopefully we are on the other side. Our focus right now is on helping our loyal retailers and flooring contractors begin to build business back to acceptable levels of volume and profitability.”