Laminate flooring manufacturers Pergo and Classen are combining their patents for fold-down installation and are collaboratively marketing the new technology. Pergo's patents include the PerfectFold folddown technology. Classen's patents include the MEGALOC family.

“By bundling our rights, it is now easier to allocate licenses to all manufacturers. We are sure this will be a major step forward in achieving Pergo’s goal of establishing folddown technology as the new installation standard,” said Ralf Eisermann, CEO of Pergo AG, on the new agreement with Classen.

Arne Loebel of the Classen Group’s board said, “Millions of square meters of our MEGALOC already have been successfully installed on the market, and are delighting our customers. The situation is now becoming very interesting for other manufacturers as we move to make folddown the new flooring installation standard.  We have the strongest package for interested licensees.”