A cramped kitchen in Austin, Texas, was recently remodeled. The centerpiece of the project is an island featuring a Blizzard by Caesarstone countertop.

After moving into their first home, a young couple in Austin, Texas, on a limited budget decided they wanted to update and redesign their kitchen. The existing wood floors were probably the nicest part of the space – they looked rich and timeless, while the rest of the area seemed outdated and cramped, according to interior designer Robin Colton of Laura Britt Design, Austin.

Photos show the original kitchen, which was too small for the homeowners and full of outdated appliances.

“The kitchen we started with was quite small, and was original to the house, pink appliances and all,” Colton remembered. “We were driven by the need to create a space that truly functioned for the two of them as they currently live, and would continue to function as their family grows.”

The husband, a chef, needed a larger counter space to prepare food. His wife is a designer, and can frequently be found working at her laptop. The Laura Britt Design team decided to incorporate an office space for her in the kitchen so she could work while he was making dinner, allowing the two to spend more time together. They also added several other functional areas for the couple.

“We removed a divider wall between the small kitchen and storage room to make room for a huge island that features a countertop surface wrapping the sides,” Colton said. “Also, the client was not using the back door to enter the home, so we created a bench and drop zone for them to take off their shoes and drop their bags.

Photos show the original kitchen, which was too small for the homeowners and full of outdated appliances.

Construction was completed in about three months by Texas Construction Co., of Austin. The existing wood floors were retained and carefully matched to create a virtually seamless look where the divider had once been.

“Texas Construction Co. was instrumental in the implementation of the kitchen remodel. Their expertise, work ethic, and level of quality helped the design come to life for the homeowner,” Colton said.

According to Colton, the newly redesigned kitchen has even managed to bring the couple closer. “The island has now become the hub of the home, with the couple enjoying breakfast and dinner there together. The space is now opened up with great circulation paths for entertaining, and there are electrical outlets integrated into the island to plug in laptops,” she added.

The newly remodeled kitchen includes an installation of Paradise Green glossy penny-round mosaic from Waterworks of Dallas.

The range was placed behind the corner of one kitchen wall to conceal it from guests, but turned so the husband can stand facing his guests while cooking. Additionally, by combining the storage room with the existing kitchen, “the homeowners now have plenty of counter space, a place for every cup, bowl and saucer, and a house that now functions in the capacity they truly live,” Colton noted.

The homeowners selected a white lacquer finish for the new Ikea cabinets. Laura Britt Design chose Blizzard by Caesarstone countertops for “the clear white color, the durability, and the environmentally responsible aspects of their manufacturing.” The counter-to-ceiling backsplash is Paradise Green glossy penny-round mosaic from Waterworks of Dallas. “It makes a clear visual impact as soon as you enter the home,” Colton said.