Faus Group Inc.'s laminate flooring is on display in the Washington, D.C. house featured in the 23rd season of MTV's Real World, which began airing Dec. 30.

“The Real World residence is typically elaborate in its décor, and furnished in a trendy style and representative of its location,” Faus said. “Keeping with the innovative style, Faus was able to provide a new product introduced to the market in 2008 called Pear Tree Bruna. The product is typical of most Faus styles in that it is produced with the latest technologies and represents a beautiful and accurate reproduction of the original species.”

The flooring is installed in the main room of the D.C. house.

“Faus is excited to be part of the D.C. house that will be view by millions of people weekly. What better way to promote your product then in one of the most popular shows on TV?” Faus added.