CBC Flooring is committed to advancing sustainability by marketing the finest flooring products from around the globe. Our EcoVision policy supports environmental responsibility for the world we all share.

In our products, our packaging and our processes, we strive to reduce waste, limit the consumption of natural resources and preserve Earth’s environment for future generations.

Our products must meet strict guidelines such as high recycled content, high performance wear surfaces that result in lower maintenance options, PVC-free options and improved indoor air quality. Our manufacturers must have product development projects to find ways to use or increase the use of both pre- and post-consumer recycled content, limit the use or generation of toxic agents during the manufacturing process and commit to reducing their carbon footprints with eco-friendly packaging.

Our brands include products that contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit requirements in a number of areas and are California Section 01350 compliant, the basis for many indoor air quality certifications.

TOLI Mature sheet flooring is now constructed with an enhanced wear surface that offers increased durability with lower maintenance requirements to meet sustainability initiatives. We have recently added 36 new colors, for a total of 51 color ways. With 10 percent post-consumer and 16 percent pre-consumer recycled content, Mature supports green initiatives and offers designers’ unparalleled choices.

Featuring natural cork, recycled rubber and PVC-free tile and sheet sourced from the best manufacturing facilities worldwide, our CERES brand focuses on emerging trends toward products with PVC and halogen-free construction.

One of our newer products, Salto Unica, is a recycled limestone tile with an impressive 80 percent recycled content: 10 percent post-consumer and 70 percent pre-consumer. In addition, its new adhesive has 20 percent post-consumer recycled content and zero-calculated VOCs. Unica and its installation system are a significant launch in the sustainable commercial building market.

Our Indelval brand of rubber flooring offers products that are made with a high content of natural rubber, a renewable resource, and have an exclusive vulcanization process resulting in a non porous surface. They are free of PVCs, plasticizers, halogens, formaldehydes, heavy metals and asbestos.

With these products, CBC Flooring is setting a new standard for environmental friendliness in the commercial flooring marketplace. For more information about how our eco-friendly products can contribute to LEED credits, please visit us at www.cbcflooring.com.

- Chip Braulick