At Johnsonite®, we’ve organized our entire organization around four sustainability goals: to create people-friendly spaces, to use better materials, to practice resource stewardship, and to reuse and recycle.

We call these core beliefs Balanced Choice. A philosophy that helps us develop products and processes that balance all the competing needs of your space, from sustainability to measurable return on investment. We believe that creating sustainable products is good for business – ours and our customers’.

Introducing Ecolibrium™ Rubber Wall Base

Our commitment to sustainability led us to develop Ecolibrium™ rubber wall base. This innovative product is constructed from rapidly renewable resources like walnut shells, oyster shells, pine rosin and vegetable oil.

Ecolibrium offers 5 percent pre-consumer recycled content, low processing energy consumption, and low waste, by reprocessing manufacturing scrap. At a 25 percent lower weight, fewer raw materials and transportation fuel are consumed.

Ecolibrium features contribute to LEED™ credits, as do the features of all Johnsonite products. For detailed LEED contribution charts visit

Making Balanced Choices

At Johnsonite, we consider the triple bottom line: people, the environment and economics. In order for products to be truly sustainable, they have to balance each component of the bottom line. This is why Johnsonite products offer human, life-safety and productivity benefits, significant ROI, and environmental compatibility.

For example, our high-performance floors have a functional life of 30 years or more – reducing resources and energy necessary for frequent replacement. Plus, our floors are easy to maintain, reducing chemical and water waste. These features each result in a positive impact across all components.

Reducing. Reusing. Recycling.

From reusing excess material and scrap in the manufacturing process to post-consumer reclamation programs, Johnsonite® manufacturing systems and processes are eco-sensitive every step of the way.

In addition, we are constantly striving to create reusable products. For example, several of our flooring tiles install with no or releasable adhesives, so they can be picked up, moved and used again.

Solutions That Are Good for You and Good for the Earth

Our integrated system provides you with a wide range of sustainable solutions. So, no matter your environmental objectives, you can make the right choice. Our portfolio of rubber, vinyl and linoleum solutions offers you the chance to balance all your competing needs; functionally, aesthetically and with the environment in mind. For more information visit

- Diane Martel, VP Environmental Planning and Strategy