Green Product Review

Bostik, Inc.

Bostik’s “Low-VOC Product Portfolio” brochure should prove helpful to architects and owners required to provide validation from manufacturers of a product’s VOC compliance with the standard. This product can be obtained directly from Bostik in quanties you need to distribute to your customer base or can be downloaded from the details, circle 122 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Basic Coatings

New Low-VOC Formula of StreetShoe Water Based Finish Available
Basic Coatings is proud to announce StreetShoe 275, our new low VOC water-based finish. Initially engineered for use in low-VOC states, the new low 275 VOC version of StreetShoe is now available nationwide. Now you can secure jobs in LEED-compliant buildings with stringent regulations. StreetShoe can be applied with a roller, t-bar, or paint pad. This finish flows extremely well. Just like the original StreetShoe, the 275 version produces no waste. Apply a coat of finish at night and resume foot traffic the next day.  The water-based finish comes in four sheens that can be applied in all environments – commercial, sports and residential. For more information about StreetShoe 275 call our Customer Service department at 1-800-441-1934 or visit details, circle 121 on the Reader Inquiry Card. 

Advanced Adhesive Technologies, Inc.

AAT’s E² Premium Hardwood Flooring Adhesive is the latest innovation in high performance hardwood flooring adhesives. E² is the premiere choice for a 0 VOC, solvent free, professional grade wood flooring adhesive. www.aatglue.comFor details, circle 120 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Chemque, Inc.

Fortane Zero is a high-performance wood flooring adhesive technology that contains zero VOCs, zero isocyanates, zero hazardous ingredients and no water. It exhibits superior bond strength while providing the greatest protection against indoor air pollution. For details, circle 123 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Custom Building Products

EBM-Lite™ Epoxy Bonding Mortar delivers high stain, chemical and impact resistance with superb handling characteristics. Formulated with CustomLite® Technology- it’s the first 100& solids epoxy contributing to LEED based on recycled content.  Eligible for a Lifetime Systems Warranty.

Clarion Industries

Clarion Industries is the only fully integrated laminate flooring operation in the USA, with HDF panels and laminate flooring produced in one, state of the art facility, connected by a 60 foot breezeway. No diesel required to move Clarion Boards to the Clarion Laminates plant. We use a forklift. Now that’s saving energy. For details, circle 124 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Health Design Wall Base
Health Design Wall Base and Preformed Inside and Outside Corners were developed to increase productivity/ease of installation compared to traditional time consuming and unsightly on-site flash coving. The matte finish ensures an attractive transition, resisting scuffing/gouging with homogeneous color throughout. Call FLEXCO at 1-800-633-3151, or visit details, circle 128 on the Reader Inquiry Card. 

DriTac Flooring Products

DriTac 1001 All-In-One
DriTac 1001 All-In-One is a one-component, trowel applied premium green urethane wood flooring adhesive, concrete moisture control, sound control and crack suppressant membrane system all in one 4-gallon pail. Installers can now accomplish in one day what it normally takes two, or more days to complete. www.dritac.comFor details, circle 126 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Expanko Cork Company

Best known for quality cork flooring, Expanko also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring. Expanko is dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products which are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. www.expanko.comFor details, circle 127 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

XL Brands

Ekobox is comprised of 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable; contributes to LEED Credits: MR 2.1, EQ 4.1, EQ 4.3; and is easily recycled on jobsites. Each box saves 2 quarts of oil as compared to traditional plastic pails. Ekobox keeps more than 600 million plastic pails out of landfills each year. For details, circle 144 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Evolving Styles Rubber Tile & Sheet
Evolving Styles Rubber Tile & Sheet offers great selection, as well as a quiet and extremely comfortable walking surface. Choose from two gauges, plus use FLEXCO Rubber Welding Beads to create a seamless installation for areas with strict requirements for added hygiene. Call FLEXCO at 1-800-633-3151, or visit details, circle 129 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Harris Wood Floors

What’s more “green” than domestic hardwood?
Utilizing timber from only sustained forests. Reducing gas emissions by sourcing 100% of domestic species from within 500 miles of our plant, Harris Wood offers 112 years of environmentally sound flooring. www.harriswoodfloors.comFor details, circle 130 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Using renewable resources to make a more sustainable wall base. That’s Balanced Choice. Walnut shells, oyster shells and vegetable oil are just some of the rapidly renewable resources used in our new Ecolibrium rubber wall base. At Johnsonite, we’re committed to delivering valuable flooring solutions that offer more than ROI. So if a sustainable, holistic approach to flooring is important to you, consider Ecolibrium rubber  wall base from Johnsonite. www.johnsonite.comFor details, circle 131 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


LATICRETE has launched LATICRETE® SpectraLOCK® 2000 IG, an easy to spread and clean new formula with enhanced resistance to chemicals, staining and high temperatures for tile and stone surfaces.

LATICRETE SpectraLOCK 2000 IG has a working time of over 80 minutes and new easy/install, fast cure formula with advanced non-sag properties for efficient same day installations. LATICRETE SpectraLOCK 2000 IG is GREENGUARD certified for projects seeking LEED and the right choice for all industrial and food processing applications. www.laticrete.comFor details, circle 132 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Mannington Mills

At Mannington, our position is clear and straightforward:  Actions Speak. With that in mind, we choose to focus on what we can do to increase our operational efficiency and product performance while decreasing our use of resources and our impact on our surroundings. www.mannington.comFor details, circle 133 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

MAPEI Corporation

MAPEI introduces dual-purpose Ultrabond ECO 995 adhesive
MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO 995 wood adhesive provides a superior bond for wood flooring installations, and also protect the flooring from moisture vapor emissions, the company says. Ultrabond ECO 995 is manufactured with rapidly renewable materials that make it phthalate-free and virtually odor-free, and provide LEED points for green building projects. www.mapei.comFor details, circle 134 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Mirage Lock
Mirage Lock is made of an HDF core that contains wood that are from 100% of post-industrial recycled fiber while its ultra-thick wear layer uses 6 times less hardwood than conventional ¾’’ solid board to cover the same floor surface.  Its finish is made of products that do not include any VOC or formaldehyde. Mirage Lock products are FSC certified and fully compliant with phase 1 of CARB 93120 and the Lacey Act. Mirage Lock products can also contribute to LEED points. www.miragefloors.comFor details, circle 136 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Bali Coco
Bali Coco from World Aromas Series, is the result of an exclusive manufacturing process from Mirage that brings out all the natural pigments of local species that is processed naturally and doesn’t have to be shipped thousands of kilometers-for a rich range of colors integral to the wood’s very fiber. www.miragefloors.comFor details, circle 137 on the Reader Inquiry Card. 

MP Global Products

While many manufacturers in the flooring industry are changing their products to attract environmentally concerned customers, MP Global Products has always been “Green.” Each month, the company uses approximately 760 tons of recycled fibers from the carpet and textile industries that normally would have gone into landfills. “We didn’t have to reinvent ourselves to be green.” www.quietwalk.comFor details, circle 138 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

RB Rubber Products, Inc.

RB Silent-Tread and RB Silent Tread XL (with moisture barrier), have been approved as an acoustical underlayment and crack suppressant for installation under most popular flooring types. These include hardwood, engineered glue down, floating laminate, and ceramic tile. www.rbrubber.comFor details, circle 139 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Roppe Corporation

Roppe Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rubber and vinyl commercial flooring headquartered in Fostoria, Ohio now has many products that are Floor Score certified and offers ecoScorecardSM online at so you can easily gather the LEED documentation you need.For details, circle 140 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

US Rubber Recycling, Inc.

U.S. Rubber Recycling Inc. is pleased to introduce its premium quality sound control acoustical underlayment, QuietSound II™ Rolled Underlayment. Not only does QuietSound II™ prevent the annoying sound transmission of foot traffic to the floors below, it also effectively deadens the transmission of interior noise such as from stereos and voices. www.usrubber.comFor details, circle 141 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

US Floors

USFLOORS Natural Bamboo® products are beautiful, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. To make a good thing even better, USFloors Natural Bamboo® products with Endura AR are the first and, as of now, the only bamboo flooring line that is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified as administered by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute an independent third-party certifier.  For details, circle 144 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

WE Cork, Inc.

Our Timeless Collection is a glueless floating floor system with traditional and unique shades and patterns to choose from. It is available in tiles or planks with a micro-bevel profile and comes with the Unilin locking system. Factory finished with our VOC free Greenshield, the latest generation of aluminum oxide it is a superb product for residential or light commercial applications. WE Cork…5 generations of quality cork products. Cork’s splendor, beauty, resiliency and ability to regenerate have inspired five generations. We truly believe that cork is not just good for business…it is good for the world. www.wecork.comFor details, circle 142 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

WF Taylor Co., Inc.

W. F. Taylor introduces its new Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive. Certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for low VOC’s, thus meeting all indoor air quality requirements, and earning LEED credits. For details, circle 143 on the Reader Inquiry Card.