Blueridge Industries, a commercial broadloom and modular carpet manufacturer, has announced that it has purchased wind energy to match a portion of its regular purchases from conventional energy sources.

Sterling Planet, the nation’s leading retail providers of renewable energy certificates (RECs), is supplying Blueridge with 1,125,593 kilowatt hours of renewable energy from qualifying facilities nationwide. The purchase represents enough electricity to power 103 U.S. homes for a full year and offset approximately 1.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide, according to Blueridge.

“This purchase is another commitment to our Eco-nomics sustainability program,” says Mike Gallman, Blueridge president and ceo. “We will continue to reduce our environmental footprint for years to come.”

“Zero-emissions wind energy helps Blueridge reduce its environmental footprint and grow the nation’s market for renewable energy, a domestic energy source that benefits the U.S. economy and society, as well as the environment,” added Mel Jones, Sterling Planet president and ceo.

Sterling Planet’s RECs are Green-e Energy certified and represent the avoided greenhouse gas emissions and additional environmental benefits of electricity production from renewable energy resources.