Dear Friends of QEP,

First off, I would like to say “thank you,” to our business partners. Your continued partnership is truly important to all of us at QEP.  Upon reflection, is there any more overused and abused word in our industry?  It’s a simple word, one that has real meaning, yet it is also a word that carries with it a burden of responsibility. Unfortunately, many companies in the Flooring Industry treat this heavy word all too lightly.

At QEP, our founding principles do not allow us to take partnership lightly. In fact, we take it very seriously. Partnership with our vendors, partnership with our employees, and most importantly of all, partnership with our customers and end-users. This is what drives QEP and what has allowed us to grow in today’s difficult macro-economic environment.

We are all very proud that our company brands continue to hold a special place in the hearts and on the shelves of our many Partners, not only throughout North America, but indeed, throughout the world. With over 570 employees operating in 31 locations in 9 countries, the QEP brands represent the very best in Flooring Installation Tools, Adhesives and Accessories, and they all have a significant place in our industry.

QEP® and Brutus® Tile and Stone Tools. Roberts® Carpet and Vinyl Tools. Roberts® and Capitol® Flooring Adhesives, along with our globally renowned lineup of wood and laminate underlayment have combined to make QEP the largest company of our kind in the world.

And now Wood Flooring as well.

Yes, Wood Flooring.  At first it may seem an odd mix for a sundries company to get into the flooring manufacturing business, but upon deeper examination, it makes tremendous sense for QEP, and I believe strongly, that it’s a very good thing for our industry as well.

Today’s retail environment has buyers looking overseas for every incremental penny they can find.  We have seen fine home centers, distributors, and even dealers dropping lines over a few pennies a square foot. You all know what I am talking about.

But I feel very strongly that this, and the next generation of American consumers want to have a ‘Made in America’ option.  The Harris Wood Company was founded in 1898. It held a prominent role in the industry’s early days, supported the Allied forces throughout World War II and held a strong position in the market for decades afterwards. But like many old-line American manufacturers, the Company fell on hard times.

QEP is here to change that.  The Harris Wood Company has tremendous people.  It has first rate, modern equipment. Unlike certain other wood flooring manufacturers, it has an honest commitment to the environment. It is also fiercely loyal to both customers and vendors.

Does this sound familiar? It did to me too.  

To our many partners out there reading this letter, I again say, ‘thank you’ for your partnership. I, and indeed all of us at QEP, take this very seriously and we look forward to continuing to deserve your trust, and your business. To those we do not currently work with, I welcome you to contact us and allow us the opportunity to show you just how truly unique we truly are.

Very best regards,

Leonard Gould