Sudlohn, Germany-based Ter Hürne has signed a license with Välinge making it the first producer to offer both the 5G and 5G-S systems for engineered wood flooring. The 5G-S system for ter Hürne has been designed so both systems are compatible with each other, according to Välinge. Production will begin in early May.

"Although our 5G ClickitEasy product is still the quality benchmark in the market we are thrilled by the further improvement 5G-S creates. It was of utmost importance to us to access the innovative dimension the 5G-S System offers without creating a product discontinuity for our customers and are very satisfied with the mutual development work with the Välinge people," said Bernhard ter Hürne, ceo of ter Hürne.

“Ter Hürne was one of our first licensees to introduce the 5G system and had an important role in establishing the 5G technology as a leading standard in Europe. Now with the introduction of 5G-S they also have access to the latest edge technology in Fold Down and ter Hürne again shows that they are in the forefront of innovative technology,” added Per Nygren, director fold down technology at Välinge.

Välinge’s 5G-S fold down system utilizes a displaceable tongue that is pushed into locked position by the next row during angling of the long side.