Desso has introduced a new carpet designed to offer cleaner air. Called AirMaster, the carpet is aimed at use is hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

“AirMaster is a significant step forward from standard carpet in improving interior air quality, and will be welcomed internationally,” said Alexander Collot d’Escury, Desso commercial director.

According to independent tests conducted by GUI, an independent German testing institute, the new carpet "significantly reduces the amount of dust and particulate matter floating in the air." Desso is the first manufacturer to offer a carpet product certified with a gold logo by GUI. The gold logo is only awarded when dust retention efficiency exceeds 80 percent.

Using patented technology, AirMaster is designed to trap a higher percentage of dust particles than conventional carpet, Desso said. Phillips Floorcare tests found that Airmaster "released 80 percent of trapped dust during vacuum cleaning, a 16 percent improvement compared to standard carpet," Desso added.

Desso is a leading manufacturer of carpet tiles and broadloom carpets and has been in operation for almost 80 years. It has factories in The Netherlands and Belgium and exports worldwide. For more information,