The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) is now making its Benchmark Survey available at no cost to non-WFCA member flooring retailers.

“The WFCA Benchmark Survey has served as the industry benchmark for performance since its inception in the 1980s,” said D. Christopher Davis, WFCA president & ceo. “To make it a true indicator of industry performance, we need as many participants as possible and that means expanding beyond our membership and making it attractive for non-members to want to be a part of it.”

Those who provide information for the survey will receive: the PROFIT Report, a financial and operating profile of the entire industry; and a Performance Analysis Report, a confidential report sent directly to participants comparing your firm with similar participating firms. According to the WFCA, many companies use this report to discuss loans and lines of credit with their banks.

The Profit Tool Kit Online, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to assist companies with their financial planning, is also available to participants.

The WFCA Benchmark Survey is being conducted by Profit Planning Group, the firm that originated the benchmarking program for the American Floorcovering Association. Profit Planning Group keeps participants' proprietary company data strictly confidential. To get the simplified form to participate or find out more about this program and its benefits, call the WFCA at (800) 624-6880. Deadline for submission is June 15.