INSTALL has recently grown to more than 100 industry partners. INSTALL works with flooring industry mills, manufacturers, consultants, distributors and associations, all of which endorse, support and offer technical counsel on the curriculum from which INSTALL professionals are taught.

The latest group of flooring industry companies to join INSTALL include the American Safety Razor Co.; CMP Specialty Products; International Building Products Inc.; Interlock Industries; K2S Kraft Seat; Ol Bastard Jig Sharp Scraper; Parterre Flooring Systems; Pro Tile Distributors; and Top Level Tools. These new partners combine to make-up INSTALL’s current roster of 105 Alliance members.

“As a leader in the emerging green building movement, we recognize that to be truly sustainable, a product must have proper installation or risk damaging the green movement as a whole,” said Kevin Stasi, of International Building Products Inc. “We are proud to partner with INSTALL to ensure that contractors are installing our product properly. The INSTALL program provides us with piece of mind that professional installers are getting the training they need to make green construction work for them and for the good of our planet.”

“One of the most important assets of this industry Alliance is the skill-enhancement training that an INSTALL mechanic has access to,” added INSTALL Director John McGrath. “In addition to the four-year training that our apprentices must complete, our journeymen regularly undergo skill-enhancement training thanks to our partners, who constantly visit our hundreds of training centers across North America to teach product knowledge, emerging technologies, or installation strategies concerning their product. As a result, INSTALL professionals deliver on their reputation as being the best trained and most productive flooring installers in the industry.”

A complete list of partners can be found For more information about INSTALL, contact John McGrath at 215-582-4108 or