The solar panels at Mannington’s Salem, N.J., facilities will extend to seven rooftops at the end of a current construction project.

Mannington Mills has entered Phase II of its rooftop solar energy project at its Salem, N.J., manufacturing facilities. With more than two acres of solar photovoltaic panels already installed, the expansion will extend the panels over seven rooftops, occupying three and a half acres of roof space, and generate nearly one megawatt of energy.

“Since energy is a critical resource for making flooring products, wise use of electricity and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are an important part of sustainability at Mannington,” said Dave Kitts, vp environment.

Along with using solar energy, Mannington’s sustainability efforts include closing the recycling loop, reducing waste streams and incorporating waste materials from its own processes, as well as from other flooring manufacturers and other industries, into its products.