Shaw Industries Group and Cikel America have recently released their annual sustainability reports. Shaw’s report, entitled “Where Sustainability Is Personal,” focuses on key metrics of social and environmental responsibility and details Shaw’s green progress. Cikel’s report examines Cikel’s green efforts and lays out plans for its future.

“We certainly believe private enterprise will be the driver of change in addressing the environmental and social challenges faced by today’s world, and our 2009 report demonstrates our commitment to making sure our products and practices meet the highest standards for human and environmental health, safety and responsibility,” said Vance Bell, Shaw’s ceo. Shaw’s report is available at

Cikel’s 70-page report includes information on the company’s 1.2 million acres of privately owned and FSC-managed forests in Brazil, producing exotic hardwood with 100 percent FSC Chain of Custody certification. All of Cikel’s products are in full compliance with the Lacey Act, according to the company. For more information, visit