Citing the sluggish U.S. economy and declining sales in high pressure laminate flooring, Wilsonart International said it will discontinue its Wilsonart Flooring product line and close its manufacturing plant in Temple, Texas. Plans call for manufacturing to discontinue on Oct. 29, 2010, and the business to cease operations on Dec. 3.

The company said it expects approximately 50 full-time employees to be impacted around the country, due to the shutdown of both its flooring plant and its cast sink operations.

“Despite focused resources and programming toward building preference for high pressure laminate flooring and changes in processes, procedures, people, and product, we have not been able to sustain any turn-around in our business. This convinces us that we will be unable to uphold these businesses for future growth or investment,” explained Bill DiGaetano, president of Wilsonart in North America.

DiGaetano said that Wilsonart will continue to stand behind the flooring and sink products sold prior to and through the shut-down period. All warranties will be honored through their designated timeframe. The company will post warranty procedures and contacts on its websites shortly.

“As a whole, Wilsonart remains strong despite the economy,” he said. “Our focus now is on growth, innovation and sustainability. We believe that these moves will make us even stronger as the country moves toward recovery.”

Wilsonart International also manufactures a full range of countertops.