Never satisfied with the status quo, W. F. Taylor introduces its new Taylor Meta-Tec® MS-Plus Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive. With the introduction of this advanced next generation adhesive, W.F. Taylor has enhanced its highly successful 100% solids Meta-Tec® MS-Plus modified silane polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive to offer even higher performance and greater user friendliness.

In addition to excellent bonding properties for all types of wood flooring and bamboo, Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance™ now offers excellent concrete moisture inhibition and sound deadening properties in a single one coat application. Using the Taylor Glide-On™ trowel (available through W.F. Taylor), a single adhesive coat is applied, and the flooring can be immediately laid into the adhesive. This application method saves time and money for the end user while helping to protect the flooring from excessive concrete moisture up to 85% relative humidity. The Glide-On™ application also provides excellent sound inhibition ratings in accordance with ASTM standards Impact Insulation Class (IIC) 66 with ceiling ASTM E 492-04, without ceiling 52 and Sound Transmission Class (STC) with ceiling 65 ASTM E 90-04 and 51 without ceiling.

Further enhancements include extension of the working time of to lay into the adhesive up to 70 minutes dependent on job site conditions. Trowel ridge retention has been improved to create better handling and troweling and improved adhesive transfer to the back of the flooring. This improved MS-Plus ADVANCE™ RHEOLOGY now offered in four gallon pails gives the user the ability to ship 50% more adhesive per pallet, saving on freight and number of units required for the installation.

With these advanced enhancements, Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive™ retains all of the outstanding properties that have made it the most advanced wood-flooring adhesive on the market. Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance is a 100% solids solvent free, isocyanate free and water free adhesive with exceptional early green grab, and may be used to install all types of wood and bamboo flooring. Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance, along with Taylor 2071 and Taylor 2051, are the only wood flooring adhesives certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for low VOC’s, thus meeting all indoor air quality requirements, and earning LEED credits.

The inclusion of the patented Meta-Tec® cross-linking chemistry with modified silane polymer moisture cure properties give Taylor MS-Plus Advance™ a unique dual curing system that is unmatched by any other modified silane polymer based products currently on the market.

Taylor continues to be the undisputed leader in flooring adhesive technology, consistently incorporating product performance advancement to offer the installer advantages they need. Visit your Taylor product distributor today! For more information contact W.F. Taylor at 800-868-4583 Ext. 221 or e-mail W.F. Taylor Co., Inc.