Walk-On Products of Salisbury, N.C. has launched Curebond, a carpet pad designed to raise awareness of breast cancer research. Portions of each sale of the product, which features a 2 mil. pink moisture barrier, will be donated to organizations involved in breast cancer research and awareness, according to the company.

“Consumers today are looking for more than just a quality product. They want to feel like their purchases are also going to help the world in some way,” said Jeff Moose, of Walk-On Products. “We are introducing Curebond to bring awareness about a disease that has affected one in eight women. Early detection of breast cancer offers the best chance for survival.”

Moose said that Curebond is the first product to be introduced as part of a broader initiative by the company to bring carpet padding to the forefront in retail carpet stores. To help the effort, Walk-On Products has enlisted the services of marketing firm Miller Davis Inc. to develop a website and point of purchase materials for Curebond. The website can be found atwww.walkonproducts.com.