Välinge Invest AB, owned by the Perván family, and Nordstjernan Investment AB have agreed that Välinge Invest AB will acquire all Nordstjernan’s shares in Välinge Flooring Technology (VFT), the parent company of the Välinge Group (Välinge).

"Välinge is a unique company with good profitability. Nordstjernan has been a shareholder in Välinge since 2002 and during that time the company has evolved from a project company to a global leader. Earnings have multiplied ten times. Nordstjernan's investment has generated a high return," said Tomas Billing, ceo of Nordstjernan.

“Nordstjernan has been a shareholder in Välinge for eight years and has got a good return on its investment as a result of continuous technical development that has given Välinge a world leading position. The acquisition increases Välinge Invest AB's shareholding from 50% to 100% of the parent company VFT that owns 60% of Välinge. We are increasing our shareholding in order to streamline decision-making, to strengthen our long-term investment in new technologies and to diversify into other areas,” noted Darko Perván, CEO of Välinge.