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Arboritec USA, Inc.

Address: 6200 S. Syracuse Way, Ste #125, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: (877) 416-5972
Fax: (303) 773-7153
URL: www.arboritec.com
Email: gerry.mueller@arboritec.com
Product Names:Arboritec ™ Avenueis a two component, high performance waterborne finish combining Accelerated NanoTechnology™ with ceramic silica for added durability, faster drying, superior adhesion, low VOCs and prevents white stretch lines when boards move. It’s suited for commercial and demanding residential use and other heavy traffic areas. Avenue is available in satin (20) and semi-gloss (50).Arboritec™ Eliteis a new generation high performance one component waterborne finish with increased spread rate, without waste. Elite is based on our proprietary Accelerated Nanotechnology fortified with ceramic silica for added durability, fast dry times and superior adhesion. Prevents white stretch lines caused by board movement.  Elite offered in satin (40) and matte (15) and is low in VOC’s (190g/l). Other Arboritec finishes include:Arboritec ™ ClassicandArboritec ™ Selectwhich feature our exclusive Accelerated NanoTechnology™ fortified with ceramic silica. Classic and Select are both one component finishes.Arboritec ™ Vibrantis a deep ambering ceramic fortified waterborne sealer enhanced with Accelerated NanoTechnology™. Vibrant sealer ambers and deepens the natural color of the wood. Very low VOC’s (75 g/l) and made with a high percentage of renewable resources.Arboritec ™ First Coatis a waterborne wood floor sealer based on enhanced Accelerated NanoTechnology™ and is fortified with ceramic silica for excellent hardness and incredible build. First Coat has incredible adhesion and fast drying characteristics and very low VOC’s (75 g/l). First Coat dries hard for easy abrading and keeps grain raise to a minimum. Very high solid content, approximately 40%

Basic Coatings

Address: 1001 Brown Ave., Toledo, OH 43607
Phone: (419) 725-3802
Fax: (419) 321-1954
URL: www.basiccoatings.com
Email: bcinfo@basiccoatings.com
Product Names:StreetShoe® 275– water-based topcoat, durability reinforced with nanotechnology.StreetShoe®– StreetShoe® is the industry benchmark for water-based finishes.Emulsion™– One component water-based sealer and topcoat.Lock ‘N Seal™– Tannin blocking water-based sealer.Tykote®– Bonding agent for the TyKote dust free refinishing system.Hardwood Floor Refinisher –Easily applied maintenance coating.

Bona US

Address: 2550 S. Parker Rd., Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (800) 872-5515
URL: www.bona.com
Email: usadmin@bona.com
Product Names:Bona Traffic® Anti-Slip Satinoffers exceptional durability and protection for hardwood floors. It has all the features of Bona Traffic with the additional benefit of being formulated to meet the highest standard for slip resistance. VOC compliant.Bona Naturale®is the next generation of wood floor protection that offers a unique feel and preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors. VOC compliant.Bona Traffic®is for heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors. Bona Traffic provides the ultimate in durability and beauty. VOC compliant.Bona Mega®features an oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane (OCP) waterborne formula. The oxygen in the air is the crosslinker. Bona Mega provides exceptional durability and beauty. VOC compliant.Bona Mega Booster™is the newest innovation to the bona waterborne finish family. This performance enhancing additive promotes increased durability, chemical resistance, and adhesion. Combined with Bona Mega, it prolongs the life and enhances the beauty of residential and commercial wood floors. VOC compliant when used with Bona Mega®.Bona Novia™combines flow and leveling, defoaming, and numerous application options for an easy to use waterborne finish. Can be combined with Bona AmberSeal™ for a budget sensitive, dependable alternative to any oil-based system. VOC compliant.

Glitsa, a Division of Rudd Company, Inc.

Address: 1141 NW 50th St., Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: (206) 789-1000
Fax: (206) 789-1001
URL: www.glitsa.com
Email: jrussell@ruddcompany.com
Product Names: Bacca, Gold Seal, Infinity II, GlitsaSC, GlitsaMax, Glitsa Poly 500

UFLOOR Systems, Inc.

Address: 17405 E. 33rd Place, Unit D, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (720) 374-4810
Fax: (720) 374-2113
URL: www.ufloorsystems.com
Email: kirk.francis@ufloorsystems.com
Product Names: Pallmann Pall-X 96 1 Comp. Waterborne Finish; Pallmann Pall-X 98 2 Comp. Waterborne Finish; Pallmann Magic Oil 2 Comp. Oil/Wax Hybrid Finish

Vermont Natural Coatings

Address: 180 Junction Rd., Hardwick, VT 05843
Phone: (802) 472-8700
Fax: (802) 472-8755
URL: www.vermontnaturalcoatings.com
Email: lpontius@vermontnaturalcoatings.com
Product Names:Woodtone Series Concentrated Tints– Zero-VOC, color rich, and fade resistant, these tints mix quickly and have superior colorfastness, ensuring consistent tone throughout the project.PolyWhey Series 3000 Floor Sealer– Industrial strength, clear sanding sealer is easy to apply, dries quick and clear minimizing both grain raise and tannin pull.PolyWhey Series 3500 Floor Finish– A durable, quick drying and non-yellowing floor finish which covers up to 500-600 sq. ft. per gallon and is very low VOC.PolyWhey Series Stain Base– Zero-VOC Stain Base is a universal receiver of waterborne colors and will create a non-grain raising stain.PolyWhey Series 2000 Infusion Wood Modifier– This is a unique color changing product which will give your wood surfaces a distinct, lasting color.Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey®is a durable, safe, easy to use finish that meets the highest professional and environmental standards. We displace toxic components traditionally found in wood finish with recycled whey protein. A neutral odor, great coverage, quick drying, and easy clean-up make the PolyWhey family of finishes tough, environmentally smart coatings for all interior and exterior wood surfaces.

Editor’s Note:The listings in the Wood Floor Finishes Guide are sponsored. Please contact publisher Jeff Golden at (818) 224-8035 x2218 or your media consultant to be part of this feature online.