Aboritec USA, Inc.

Address: 6200 S. Syracuse Way, Ste 125, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: (877) 416-5972
Fax: (303) 773-7153
URL:  www.arboitec.com
Email: mark.weglowski@aboritec.com

Product Names: Arboritec ™ Avenue is a two component, high performance waterborne finish. Avenue combines accelerated Nano technology and ceramic silica for added durability, faster drying, superior adhesion, low VOCs and doesn’t create white lines when boards move. Designed for commercial and residential use and other heavy traffic areas. Available in satin (20) and semi-gloss (50).

Arboritec ™ Classic is a one component waterborne finish with a proprietary accelerated Nano technology fortified with ceramic silica for added durability, fast dry times and superior adhesion. No white lines caused by board movement. Classic is available in gloss (90), semi-gloss (45) and satin (20). 

Arboritec ™ Select is a ceramic fortified waterborne wood floor finish engineered with accelerated Nano technology which allow for faster dry times, high durability, and excellent adhesion and very low VOC’ better indoor air quality for. Select is for residential use. Easy to use: roll or snowplow. Available in gloss (90), semi-gloss (45) and satin (30).


Address: 2550 S. Parker Rd., #600, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (800) 872-5515
URL: www.bona.com
Email: Ilene.leblanc@bona.com
Product Names: Bona Traffic® Anti-Slip Satin – Bona Traffic Anti-Slip offers exceptional durability and protection for hardwood floors. It has all the features of Bona Traffic with the additional benefit of being formulated to meet the highest standard for slip resistance. VOC compliant.

Bona Naturale® – Bona Naturale is the next generation of wood floor protection that offers a unique feel and preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors. VOC compliant.

Bona Traffic® – Bona Traffic is ideal for heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors. Bona Traffic provides the ultimate in durability and beauty. VOC Compliant

Bona Mega® – Oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane (OCP) waterborne formula with extraordinary performance. The oxygen in the air is the crosslinker. Bona Mega provides exceptional durability and beauty. VOC compliant.

Bona Mega Booster™ – Bona Mega Booster is the newest innovation to the bona waterborne finish family. This additive for Bona Mega promotes increased durability, chemical resistance, and adhesion. Combined with Bona Mega, it is ideal for prolonging the life and enhancing the beauty of residential and commercial wood floors. VOC compliant when used with Bona Mega®.

Bona Novia™ – Flow and leveling, defoaming, and numerous application options make Bona Novia easy to use. Bona Novia can be used with Bona AmberSeal™ as an alternative to any oil-based system. VOC compliant.


P. O. Box 305, Lithonia, GA 20056
Phone: (877) 928-9663
Fax: (770) 484-0893
URL:  www.monocoat.us
Email: info@monocoat.com

Product Names: Monocoat Natural Oil Finish - Interior
Monocoat all-natural oil wood finishes are specified for interior use where the plant-based, VOC-free and completely non-toxic oil finishes are easily maintained, and provide a subtle luster that reveals and complements the natural grain and patina of the wood.

Monocoat Natural Oil Finish - Exterior
Monocoat all-natural oil wood finishes provide beautiful protection where wood floors, cabinets and counter surfaces will be exposed to water and moisture. For weather-exposed applications, and to ensure safety in food preparation, VOC-free, pure Monocoat oil finishes offer safer, healthy surfaces of lasting beauty.

Monocoat Natural Oil Finish - Commercial
In the most demanding commercial applications, all-natural, VOC-free Monocoat oil finish provides extraordinary durability, while its ease of maintenance assures an always beautiful, sanitary finish for the most heavily trafficked locations.

Monocoat Natural Oil Finish - Designer Series
Designer Series colors comprise many of the more than 30 colors of one-coat Monocoat. From the gracefully understated to the remarkable and stunning, floors become extraordinary design elements with this series of coloring natural oil finishes.

Monocoat Natural Oil Finish - Residential
Monocoat natural oil floor finishes, entirely VOC free, are an important component of any environmentally sound residential interior. Non-toxic and free of the harmful components of conventional floor finishes, durable, easily-cleaned Monocoat offers a safe, healthy finish of lasting beauty.

UFLOOR Systems, Inc.

Address: 14705 E. 33rd Place, Unit D, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (866) 505-4810
Fax: (720) 374-2113
URL: www.ufloorsystems.com
Email: info@ufloorsystems.com

Product Names: Pallmann Pall-X 96 Waterborne Finish;  Pallmann Pall-X 98 Waterborne Finish; Pallmann Pall-X Nano Waterborne Finish; andPallmann Magic Oil 2K Finish 

Woca Direct

Address: 2211 Lithonia Industrial Blvd., Lithonia, GA 20056
Phone: (877) 962-2645
Fax: (770) 484-0893
URL: www.wocadirect.com
Email: info@wocadirect.com

Product Names: Woca Interior Floor Finish; Woca Exterior Floor Finish; Woca Commercial Floor Finish; Woca Residential Floor Floor Finish; and Woca Hospitality Industry Floor Finish

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