Süddekor LLC, a décor printer and impregnator supplying decorative surfacing products to the North American laminate industry, has added mixed wood visuals to a new collection being unveiled Jan. 24-25 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

“In this collection we find some very innovative thinking,” said Marcel Albert, Director of Design for Süddekor. “These designs have contrast and beautiful color-play – it’s like re-inventing original material, since assembling various woods into one design results in a totally new look.”

Mixed wood layouts can now be found across the spectrum of Süddekor’s products, including rustic and reclaimed woods, exotics, and traditional domestic woods. These include Camillo, a mix of Ginko and Plumwood; Seneca, a combination of Tigerwood and Birch; and Center City, a mix of White oak, Red oak, Butternut and English Elm.