MAPEI's Ultrabond ECO 885, which will be unveiled at Surfaces 2011, has been specifically designed to provide both permanent and releasable bonds for non-PVC, polyolefin and most “eco-type” backed carpet and carpet tile. Its unique formulation has been developed to provide a very aggressive bond to polyolefin type carpet backings where traditional adhesives will not work.  Ultrabond ECO 885 can also be used in fast track construction practices where the MVER and RH are less than 8lbs and 90% respectively and show diminishing results over time.   

Features and benefits:
* Aggressive tack to securely bond non-PVC/polyolefin backed carpet
* Contains “post consumer content”  as part of the formulation for additional LEED points
* Permanent or releasable installation system applications
* Low VOC formula for use in occupied buildings

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