Todd and Debra Burrows, owners of Wyanet Carpet in Princeton, Ill., decided to conduct a SmartStrand Challenge for their whole community to see. The Burrows installed Mohawk's SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet on Main Street for the popular Homestead Festival Parade.

The SmartStrand carpet endured serious abuse all day. Tractors, trucks, cars, people, and even animals traveled down the parade route, and eventually, all of them made their way on the SmartStrand carpet. The mess was bigger than the Burrows expected. “It was bad,” said Todd Burrows. “But we never doubted the power of SmartStrand’s durability and built-in stain resistance.”

A team of carpet cleaning professionals from ServiceMaster of Princeton volunteered their services and went to work as soon as the parade ended. A crowd of more than 50 people watched as they removed heavy dirt, stains and soiling. Within just a few minutes, the SmartStrand carpet looked just as good as new. The Burrows recently installed it in the Wyanet Carpet showroom for every customer to see.

“It’s a great conversation starter for our sales team,” explained Burrows. “Customers love everything about the SmartStrand story...When you tell customers that SmartStrand carpet is eco-friendly and made in part from corn, that really seals the deal.”
,br>“We are always encouraging our retailers to find fun, unique ways to separate themselves from the competition and invest in the local community,” added David Duncan, svp marketing at Mohawk. “Wyanet Carpet has certainly done that with the SmartStrand Parade Challenge. When it’s time for people in Princeton, Ill., to shop for flooring-whether it’s two days or two years from now-they will remember this.”

“I can’t wait to see what we come up with next,” added Burrows. “Mohawk has provided us with great products and a lot of great marketing support. Really, the sky’s the limit.”

To see more pictures from the Wyanet Carpet SmartStrand Parade Challenge, visit Mohawk's Facebook page.