Mohawk has teamed up with The Dallas Zoo to put SmartStrand carpet to a new durability test that includes six African elephants.

Mohawk is teaming up with The Dallas Zoo to put SmartStrand carpet to a new durability test that includes six African elephants.

For two weeks in October, six African Elephants with a combined weight of 45,000, will test the resiliency of the carpet.

In 2009, Mohawk placed SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet into the enclosure of a 2,800 lb. Black Rhino for two weeks. At the end of the test, people across the country-flooring retailers, national media, and millions of consumers-“were astounded to watch the carpet restored to brand-new condition with a simple cleaning,” Mohawk says.

In addition to its latest challenge, Mohawk is also introducing a new Human Habitat element to the challenge, where zoo guests can visit four different household situations: a living room, kitchen, bedroom and foyer. Each living situation will incorporate Mohawk flooring products-carpet, laminate ceramic and Mohawk’s brand new strand woven bamboo-“allowing visitors to interact with the exhibits and see for themselves how the flooring is tough enough to stand up to their wildlife. This special area also allows consumers to engage with Mohawk’s GreenWorks sustainability platform. Because we are all part of something bigger than our individual selves, the Human Habitat makes consumers aware of available sustainable products they can select for their homes,” the company notes.

Further, in an effort to help its retailers take full advantage of the merchandising and promotion opportunities available, Mohawk is providing comprehensive point-of-purchase kits, customizable advertising materials like television spots and print ads, among other elements.

“We have an extraordinary product and we’re challenging it in an extraordinary way to prove the unmatched durability of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona,” said David Duncan, Mohawk’s vp of Marketing. “After having 45,000 pounds of pressure applied to the carpet repeatedly for two weeks showcasing its supreme resiliency, consumers will be confident in putting SmartStrand in their own wildlife situations at home. And we’re getting additional ‘human testing’ on our hard surface products with the Human Habitat! The SmartStrand Zoo Challenge is back and bigger than ever-all designed to drive consumer traffic to retail store locations.”

SmartStrand Zoo Challenge t-shirts will be sold, benefitting the Dallas Zoo’s “Zoo2Wild” Conservation fund, and supporting field conservation partnership programs such as Charles Foley’s Tarangire elephant project, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, International Rhino Fund and Gulf Oil Spill relief efforts.