Mohawk’s SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet was put to the test recently when six African elephants weighing nearly 50,000 pounds were given two weeks to try to ruin SmartStrand carpet at the Dallas Zoo. Using only hot water extraction and Mohawk Floorcare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover, technicians were able to clean the carpet to look like new.

“Knowing these are truly wild animals, I thought there was no way this carpet could handle the wear and tear they would subject it to,” said Sean Greene deputy director of education and interpretation at the Dallas Zoo. “It’s amazing to see the SmartStrand bounce back to its original state knowing what it’s been put against for the past two weeks.”

“The carpet proved its resiliency after being hammered into the ground by a herd of elephants,” added David Duncan, Mohawk’s Vice President of Marketing. “No extra steps were needed to restore the carpet to its original lift.”

The public was also invited to take part in the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge by experiencing the new Human Habitat exhibit housed in the reptile quarters of the zoo. Approximately 43,000 people interacted with four of Mohawk’s flooring products – carpet, wood, laminate and ceramic. These flooring samples proved their durability to the crowds of children and adults that walked across the products on a daliy basis, according to Mohawk.

A unique t-shirt design incorporating this year’s animals is still available for purchase All proceeds will benefit the Dallas Zoo’s “Zoo2Wild” Conservation fund to support efforts put on by programs such as Charles Foley’s Tarangire elephant project and the International Rhino Fund.

“We are proud to continue extending our efforts to these conservation outreach programs,” Duncan said. “It’s important to us to be able to bring awareness to these majestic animals.”