Shaw Industries Group, Inc. has increased the recycled content in Eco Solution Q, the company’s premium branded Cradle to Cradle Silver certified carpet fiber, to 45 percent. Eco Solution Q now contains 20 percent pre-consumer recycled content and 25 percent post-consumer recycled content sourced from caprolactam (the monomer or ‘building block’ of Nylon 6) recovered through Shaw’s Evergreen Nylon 6 Recycling facility in Augusta, GA. The recycled content is based on allocated nylon fiber from Shaw’s total nylon fiber production and determined as a percent of total Eco Solution Q nylon output; based on this method, recycled content will likely vary.

More than 400 million pounds of post-consumer carpet has been recycled through Evergreen since the facility’s launch in 2007. In addition to helping divert used carpet from landfills, Eco Solution Q made with caprolactam recovered from Evergreen uses 40 percent less energy than fiber made exclusively with virgin caprolactam, according to life cycle assessment data verified by PE Five Winds International.

According to Shaw vice president of sustainability Paul Murray, the increased recycled content in Eco Solution Q will allow customers to maximize the opportunity to achieve LEED points for environmentally responsible flooring – especially in conjunction with Shaw’s EcoWorx Cradle to Cradle Silver certified carpet backing.

“Combined with EcoWorx, the increased recycled content in Eco Solution Q means a typical 18 ounce carpet tile will now contain an average of 44 percent total recycled content,” Murray said. “And because our EcoWorx products with Eco Solution Q are backed by a global environmental guarantee, we’re also committed to reclaiming and recycling the product back into new carpet at the end of its useful life, at no cost to our customers.”