Don’t Just Go Green. Go EMERALD.

Custom® Building Products is proud to introduce our new Emerald System – Custom’s complete system of environmentally responsible tile and stone installation products that takes environmental responsibility beyond the current standard.

The Emerald System expands our Build Green® program by solving some of today’s critical issues regarding the practice of green building:

Our Emerald System takes environmental responsibility to a whole new level

Overlapping green building agencies cause some confusion regarding which initiatives are needed for compliance. The landscape is changing on a regular basis with regional and national organizations making rules and recommendations regarding environmental manufacturing practices and products.

Solution:All Emerald System products have recycled material content and low VOC content for compliance with all major green building initiatives. This eliminates any question as to whether any of the products are compliant.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

There are warranty concerns over products with recycled materials. Will products with recycled material perform equivalent to products that are produced with conventional materials?

Solution:All Emerald System products tie into our existing warranty system. When used as a complete system, these products are eligible for our Lifetime Warranty - guaranteeing your installation will be free from defects for up to a lifetime.

Greenhouse Gases

Issue:It is believed that the main contributor to global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, with the largest contributor being carbon dioxide (CO2). Many industrial processes emit CO2 into the environment - the most prominent being the manufacture of Portland cement. Portland cement is used in most major construction, including installation of ceramic tile.

Solution:The Emerald System is the first installation system to contribute to a long-term solution to the emission of CO2 resulting from Portland cement production by offering Carbon Offset Credits. By utilizing a full Emerald System of underlayment, thin-set mortar, and grout, Custom will obtain Carbon Offset Credits from TerraPass. TerraPass then uses the funds to support projects that reduce CO2 emissions, to help stop global warming and its affect on our environment.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our complete installation system of products within our Emerald System.