To Our Valued Partners,

While the Flooring Industry has been adversely affected in the past 3 years due to the economy, there are some signs of improvement in 2011, for instance the housing market continues to recover slowly and home remodeling requires a more careful consideration by the end user. Remarkably Faus has observed during the latter part of this recession that consumers continue to search for laminate flooring that delivers high quality and realistic designs. Faus laminate provides the consumer with highly fashionable looks along with long line of benefits.

We at Faus Group, Inc are consistently searching for new opportunities to maximize our positions in the marketplace.  The opportunities we currently have in development will allow us not only to maintain, but to grow, even in the current economic situation.  Our investments in U.S. production and the development of Technologies, Products, diversification, and partnerships have placed us in a position for growth now and in the future. Faus has recently completed commercial level testing on our laminate products and they are now rated NALFA level 3 or “Medium” Commercial. This rating will allow Faus to expand our laminate offering into a previously untapped channel.   

The product focus for Faus is, and has always been, to provide the highest quality and technologies in the industry with an emphasis on “Value” to the end consumer.  “Green Products” are in the forefront of conversations.  Faus has maintained a commitment to this “Green” strategy with both products and manufacturing procedures.  The strategy of “Continuous Improvement” serves as the primary Faus objective.  In fact we have remained committed to providing and arming our customers with the best product knowledge in the industry.

Our customers continue to be our strength in the market place. We could not have achieved the successes we have during these difficult times without your support. At this writing we are currently engaged in conversations that will add to our current distribution network and allow our products to reach the end consumer even quicker than they do today.


Gonzalo Frey
CEO Faus Group, Inc