Faus Group, Inc. has added R.A. Siegel Co. of Mableton, Ga. to its alliance of flooring distributors. The company will service territories in the Southeastern region.

“The R.A. Siegel team is thrilled to be joining the Faus Group in our Southeast Market Area,” said Len Kopec, ceo and president of R.A. Siegel Co. “After visiting their world class manufacturing plant in Calhoun, Ga. we were so impressed with the quality of product coming off of the line along with the extensive inventory ready for next truck delivery it became one of the easiest decisions we ever made in taking on a new product. It was also evident that the Faus management team knows the laminate business and will continue to bring compelling additions in terms of quality and design into the future. When we attach superior Siegel service to the Faus line we know we will be bringing our dealer network something truly special.”