Jeff Collum, director of flooring for CBC Flooring, has been promoted to vice president of the flooring division and named to the nine-member board of directors of CBC (America) Corp.

Collum has led CBC’s flooring division since 2009 and has 26 years of experience in the flooring industry. He has skillfully managed the challenges of having multiple brands and has expanded the company’s distribution channels, resulting in double-digit sales increases each year, according to the company.

CBC (America) Corp. is the North American subsidiary of the CBC Group, based in Japan, and is the largest of CBC’s companies, with divisions in security products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, flooring, and plastics and resins. Collum’s new position represents a significant commitment by the global company to growing the group’s flooring division worldwide.

“We are pleased with the performance of the flooring division under Jeff’s leadership and look forward to continued growth in 2012,” said Kazuhiko Kondo, senior executive vice-president and COO of CBC (America) Corp.

Under Collum’s leadership, CBC Flooring has grown from two commercial flooring brands to five in less than three years. The company once known primarily for its flagship brand, TOLI, is now regarded for its well-rounded collection of brands from around the world, including Halo, Ceres, Salto and Indelval.

“I am grateful for the board’s vote of confidence and continued support of the flooring division,” said Collum.