Anderson Hardwood announced today the opening of an Anderson concept store in Shanghai, China. The first independent Anderson store of its kind, to be located in one of Shanghai’s premier malls, is designed to respond to China’s emerging luxury class and a growing demand for high-end, American-made shelter products.

“This concept store can be seen as a continuation of our relationship with the Chinese consumer,” said Don Finkell, Anderson CEO. “Our products have been sold in the marketplace for quite some time now, and in recent years we have seen the growth of the luxury class and the demand for quality American-made products that Anderson is known for. The logical next step was to branch out through the development of this concept store that will make available the American craftsmanship and hand-detailing these consumers have come to appreciate.”

The concept store will provide the company with ample opportunity to test new Anderson products in the Chinese market. Roughly 35 solid and engineered floors will be sold and 22 concept floors will be displayed. Visiting customers to the new store will have an opportunity to complete a survey detailing their overall perception of the concept floors that will help lead future product development.

The 1,400-square-feet store will be located in a Shanghai shopping mall and will enable Anderson to expand its objective of introducing the most stylish and durable hardwood floors, backed by a commitment to American-made craftsmanship and sustainability measures that protect and foster healthy communities. China is expected to surpass Japan as the largest luxury goods market in 2015, according to, priming it for premier brand introduction.

“There is a growing market for our beautiful Anderson hardwood floors that are inspired by the belief that time, expertise and passion are the building blocks of a quality product,” said Finkell. “The Chinese consumer is now buying products that reflect their high-end taste, and we are confident that we will meet their expectation for quality and leading fashionable visuals every step of the way.”

Anderson Hardwood floors have been sold through Chinese conglomerate Power Dekor for four years and the company will continue the partnership in 2012. All Anderson products sold in China are American-made and are all Cradle to Cradle certified and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified, according to the company.