Diversified manufacturer Leggett & Platt announced that its Carpet Cushion division has unveiled a new brand look and sales technique based on in-depth consumer research. The brand and selling strategy were introduced to select stores, which according to the company experienced a 38 percent increase in profits.

“We are greatly encouraged by the results of our test group of retailers,” said Erik Kempf, Vice President of Sales for the Carpet Cushion division. “They hit it out of the park. We believe any retailer can have the same results.”

Starting in late 2010, Leggett & Platt Carpet Cushion looked to an outside research and marketing agency in an effort to recreate the brand look, messaging and architecture of its line of carpet pad. After extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis based on in-depth interviews (IDI) within focus groups and online polling, a new brand was implemented in addition to a new selling strategy.

The changes resulted in a more streamlined design, clearer brand architecture and a more engaging approach to the consumer, which was supported by a display that invited consumer interaction. Polled after the testing period, store owners were overwhelmed with the new look and approach, with 88% saying it was an effective way to sell upgraded carpet pad and 92% indicating they wanted to continue using the overall selling strategy in their stores.

“It's typical to see cushion samples lying under racks and disorganized in most retail stores. This display certainly solves that issue,” said Phil Schrimper of JP Flooring in Cincinnati, Ohio. “It's great to see a carpet cushion manufacturer take their expertise and merchandising from other business segments and apply it to the flooring industry.”

The selling strategy is based on the premise that consumers will choose a premium product – rather than the pad that comes “included” with the carpet – if they are encouraged to compare the benefits. As part of the strategy, RSAs in the participating stores were trained to invite consumers to make the comparison.

“The display has made it easy to upgrade our customers, even for our new sales people,” said Joanne Lewis from Home Plus Floors, in Longview, Texas. “Before we had the display from Leggett & Platt, we had no real good way to show carpet pad. The display tells the story and allows customers to experience the feel of better quality cushion.”

Kempf said, “It is gratifying to have put the time and effort into this project and to have created a true game-changer. It does work – that’s not just a theory or an opinion. Every participating dealer showed a huge shift to upgrade cushion.”

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