Tesoro Woods has rebranded as TW Flooring Group. “Given all the innovative programs Tesoro has recently launched, we felt it time to update our name to better reflect what we do. And our team felt it most appropriate to rebrand as TW Flooring Group,” noted TW Flooring Group’s CEO William Jopling.

TW Flooring Group Programs now include:

Wood Floor Exchange (WFEX) –A volume, global sourcing program reserved for a select group of partner distributors who utilize WFEX to source many of their private label running line needs. WFEX exposes FOB mill costs along with all import costs to deliver product to your location. WFEX is then further leveraged as a sales platform by distributors to service their bigger customers with direct shipped product. Learn more at www.WoodFloorExchange.com.

Tesoro Woods (TW) –A program directed towards the growing green dealer segment and the “green corner” of Main Street flooring dealers nationwide in offering wood flooring with many “green” attributes. Learn more at www.TesoroWoods.com.

Wood Floor Resource Group (WFRG) –A program for the Design Community offering flooring designed for the specific needs of commercial projects. Learn more at www.WoodFloorResourceGroup.com.

COOL Flooring –A unique Opportunity Buy program to be launched nationwide in a few weeks, according to the company.

For more information about TW Flooring Group and its programs, visit www.TWFlooringGroup.com.