The McCovey Cove Loft is the exclusive party suite located at AT &T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. It is positioned just off the right field wall, only ten feet above the playing field, and it actually straddles the foul pole.

  Designed by Hilary Hubbard, AIA of San Franciso-based Hubbard Godfrey Architects, Inc., some people believe it evokes a unique casual style, giving off the industrial “feel” of a downtown Bay Area office space. 309 feet from home plate and offering a deck/ patio overhanging onto the field, the private facilities are big enough to accommodate up to 40 people.  With its own private entrance, private elevator, private bathroom, state-of-the-art kitchen with two refrigerators and a two-story, floor-to-ceiling view of San Francisco bay’s McCovey Cove, the space also has buttery leather chairs and ten high-definition TV screens. Clearly, if one wants to have a luxurious time during the ballgame and being “right there,” this is the grand slam of party venues.

  The architect selected Expanko’s cork-rubber tile flooring, XCR-41008 in Steel Gray and the XCR41009 in Charcoal. “We specified the product because we were looking for a "green" resilient commercial flooring product in lieu of Vinyl or Linoleum,” Hubbard said. “One that could stand up to heavy use and abuse - spilled drinks and food, but that also one that added warmth to the space with the cork pieces to fit a luxury hospitality setting. We wanted something that was more luxurious without the cost of hardwood or stone flooring.

Photos courtesy of Hubbard Godfrey Architects, Inc.

“As a designer, I also appreciated the color range and texture of the product. The XCR flooring not only met our budget, it also was delivered on-time, taking away the worry of lead time issues,” Hubbard said. “This was a fast-track project which was completed three months before Opening Day. Installation had to go quickly after the new concrete slab cured. The product is still holding up very well.”

  The flooring was installed by DFS Flooring, the nation’s ninth largest floor covering distributor. Officials at AT&T wanted “a perfect” installation.  “XCR4 was ideal for this project for many reasons,” Randy Gillespie, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Expanko, said. “To begin with, it’s made from a unique blend of recycled cork and rubber. This unique combination results in a colorful, water-resistant, hardwearing floor that is FloorScore® Certified. To be specified for a luxury club in a baseball stadium, the flooring obviously must be resilient, very comfortable to walk on, have sound-reducing qualities and of course, be slip-resistant.”

Those who rent out the McCovey loft typically will be shelling out around $8,000 per game... and that doesn’t include food or drink. “It reminds you a lot of the Green Monster seats at Fenway or the rooftops outside Wrigley, but it’s a lot lower and closer to the field of play,” said Jorge Costa, senior vice president of ballpark operations for AT&T Park.