Metroflor Corp. has named The Cronin Co. its new distributor in servicing the US Pacific Northwest and has expanded the territory of Tri-West Ltd., one of its existing distributors.

The Cronin Co. will carry the Metroflor, Konecto and Engage brands and will service Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and will also provide interim service in Western Canada. The Cronin Co. can be contacted at (800) 878-6800.

Tri-West Ltd. carries the Metroflor, Konecto, Hybrid and Engage brands and will service all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and limited portions of Texas. Tri-West can be contacted at (562) 692-9166.

Russell Rogg, President and ceo of Metroflor, stated: “Our entire organization wishes to thank our past partner, Sea-Pac Sales, for their many years of support, and we wish all of their employees the best in their future endeavors.”

“Furthermore, we welcome The Cronin Company into our outstanding network of distributors and thank Tri-West Ltd. for expanding their reach into Northern California and Northern Nevada. We have many exciting products and programs forthcoming and we are fortunate to have these two highly respected partners supporting our brands.”

“Tri-West is an extremely progressive and forward-thinking organization that has consistently over-achieved with our product offerings. We know that our customers in Northern California and Nevada will appreciate the service and support they’ll receive from Tri-West.”

“And while The Cronin Company is new to the Metroflor family of distributors, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with them in the past… and know that they will do a superb job in the Pacific Northwest.”

Tri-West Ltd. and The Cronin Co. are equally optimistic about what the future shall bring as a result of the changes to Metroflor’s distribution network.

Larry Johnson, sales & marketing manager for Tri-West Ltd., said: “I’m excited about this expanded opportunity to represent one of our key suppliers in these important territories and we wish to thank Metroflor for this opportunity.”

Jim Gunter, president of The Cronin Co., stated: “We are very proud to become part of the Metroflor and Konecto family. Our company reviewed many options in the LVT marketplace and were excited when the line became available… that we were chosen to represent this company in our marketing territories. Having worked with Russ Rogg, Metroflor’s President and C.E.O., in the past has helped ease our entry [in]to this market. In addition, the assistance we have received from the Metroflor staff has made the transition from previous distribution easier than anticipated.  

“We look forward to a continued and successful partnership with our commercial and residential flooring customers. Our goal is to work hard to become a leader in this market segment and provide the service level our customers expect. We also will be presenting new and enhanced products in the near future.

“We look forward to meeting new partners and establishing new friendships,” he added.