Elizabeth Moore has been named the ceo of B Carpet, and is one of the few females running a carpet company in the United States, according to the company.

A shareholder in the company since the age of 17, Moore began working as director of sales and marketing for B Carpet in 2009, when her father, Company Chairman Burton Brown, turned over his half of the business to Moore and his other daughter, Louise Lochner. Shortly thereafter, Moore became the company’s vp. Prior to joining B Carpet, Moore spent 25 years in varying roles within the flooring industry, serving in product development, marketing and then sales at Horizon/Mohawk, Interface, Prince Street and Amtico, and finally her sales agency, Moore Contract Sales.

Since joining B Carpet, Moore has spearheaded rebranding efforts focused on elevating the company’s image to reflect the upscale products they produce and hospitality market they serve. While celebrating 30 years in business, the company’s rebranding included its name change from Burtco Enterprises to B Carpet.

Burtco Enterprises was co-founded by Burton Brown in the fall of 1979. The original company printed and marketed 5/64 velour carpet imported from Belgium before investing in one of Tuftco’s first graphics tufting machines in the early 1980s. Most of these early graphics products were piece-dyed pin dots and simple patterns using spun white yarns. As the tufting machinery companies innovated, Burtco accumulated an increasingly wider capability for producing patterned commercial carpet.

In 1990, Burton teamed up with Bob Kokoszka who was then made president in order to further strengthen Burtco’s place in high quality manufacturing. As demand for more organic and complex patterned carpet grew, Burtco purchased the first of four CYP (computerized yarn placement) machines and soon afterwards formed a partnership that acquired the assets of CYP equipment manufacturer, Tapistron. Over the years, state-of-the-art CYP technology, along with Infinity and MLCL machine capabilities, has given the company a competitive edge in design and production flexibility.

Today, the children of Burton and Bob are playing integral roles in the company, with Moore as ceo and Robert Kokoszka, Jr. as vp manufacturing.  “We’re in a unique position in the high-end hospitality market,” said Moore. “We have the fun job of making reality out of designers’ visions.

“Over the years, our special niche in the market has been earned through careful attention to detail and quality in our beautiful and specialized products. Now, we’re also focused on reengineering our internal systems for improved flexibility to accommodate the peaks and valleys of the new normal economy, while maintaining our design capability edge,” she added.