Michael Raskin, who in 2007 helped pioneer the floating lvt category with the launch of Konecto, has unveiled Elevations. The loose lay product requires no adhesive strip or locking system; rather, stability is achieved by virtue of a fiberglass sheet layer and non-skid attached PVC backing, according to the company.

Elevations is the first product introduced by Raskin Industries, the company he founded earlier this year. The product offers a 5mm construction with 20mil (commercial) and 12 mil (residential) wearlayers. Elevations launches with 20 SKUs.

Raskin, who handled much of the styling at Metroflor, is excited about the launch. “Since this is the first collection from Raskin Industries, I wanted to present a package that offers mass appeal,” he said. “My goal was to put together a well balanced line. The idea was to not step out too far yet offer a collection that makes a strong impact.”

Elevations is manufactured in Korea. Raskin is currently lining up national distribution for Elevations. He will be backing up his distributors’ inventory with a warehouse facility in Dalton.

Raskin Industries will also be exhibiting at Surfaces 2012, Jan. 24 to 26 in booth S7808. To schedule an appointment, send an email tobill@raskinind.com.For more information, visitelevationfloors.com.