Lenza Ecolibrium.

Combining the benefits of linoleum with the proprietary xf finish, Johnsonite, the commercial arm of Tarkett, has launched the new Lenza and Tonali Harmonium xf collections. The two coordinating tone-on-tone product lines are designed to combine beauty, sustainability and ease of maintenance.

"Johnsonite is constantly striving to add more beauty and value to our flooring," said Laurey Banker, director of product management, Johnsonite. "The combination of Lenza and Tonali offers the textures and patterns customers want, with the quality, high performance and ease of maintenance they need."

Lenza provides a striated pattern with varying contrasts, while Tonali offers a marbleized look. These differences allow for greater flexibility in their combined overall design.

Featuring 16 warm and friendly colorways, the Lenza and Tonali lines are available in plenty of options to combine, contrast and mix-and-match. Although designed to work with each other, they also coordinate beautifully with all the other Johnsonite flooring collections.

In addition to the design capabilities, Lenza and Tonali products contain cork, providing excellent acoustic properties as well as comfort underfoot.

Lenza and Tonali are environmentally responsible solutions, boasting 95 percent natural materials, such as linseed oil, flax seed, wood and limestone. Additionally, the products have earned a Cradle to Cradle Silver ranking and are USDA Bio-based 95 percent certified.

Both Lenza and Tonali feature Johnsonite’s proprietary Harmonium xf finish. This finish requires no initial waxing and polishing. Maintenance is also faster and easier, according to the company.

In addition to the stylish, sustainable and easy maintenance properties, the flooring is part of a complete system that includes finishing borders. For more information about Johnsonite products and their many green certifications and sustainable initiatives, visit www.johnsonite.com.