Ceramics of Italy has released a statement regarding the state of several Italian tile manufacturers following the powerful earthquakes that struck Italy last month. The statement follows in full:

Three weeks after two earthquakes hit the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy - on May 20th and 29th - the Italian ceramic tile industry is showing significant signs of recovery. Luckily, most of the factories were located far from the impacted area and are continuing to conduct business as usual with their clients worldwide.

A few of the ceramic tile manufacturers located between Camposanto and Finale Emilia - including Marazzi, Atlas Concorde, ABK, Panaria Group and Moma - temporarily suspended production after the second earthquake but were able to avoid major damage. And Ceramica Sant’Agostino - who unfortunately saw the collapse of two of their warehouses and lost two workers after the first earthquake - has successfully delivered its most recent orders and remains hopeful to return to its former production ratio as soon as possible.