B Carpet, maker of custom-crafted flooring designed for the hospitality industry, announces the creation of Burtco Research Institute. A non-profit organization, Burtco Research Institute was formed to give back to the industry and advance sustainable practices in carpet manufacturing, according to the company.

Former President and Chief Operating Officer of B Carpet Robert E. Kokoszka has been appointed as Senior Director of Burtco Research Institute. “This move will allow Bob to slow down his work pace and focus on strategic research and utilize his half century of industry knowledge and experience,” explains B Carpet CEO Elizabeth Moore.

Joining Kokoszka at Burtco Research will be Martin McGregor, Ph.D., of Spring, Texas, a North Georgia native and patent attorney who specializes in turning research into application. Together, they will pursue sustainability, technology improvements for the industry, and new applications of science that can enhance the use of carpet as a favored floorcovering. Kokoszka is especially interested in decreasing the amount of used carpet that is sent to landfills by creating innovative high-quality products with increasing durability.

Kokoszka earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1965, and continued with graduate studies in engineering at Penn State University. His career began in 1958 at Aldon Industries in product development and manufacturing capacities. He has been an officer and board member of Regent Mills and Dorsett Carpet Mills. In 1990, he joined Burton Brown as a partner at Burtco Enterprises (now B Carpet) where he pioneered the utilization of computerized yarn placement (CYP) technologies for manufacturing patterned soft-surface floorcovering.

In 2011, founder Burton Brown passed the baton to his daughter, Elizabeth Brown Moore, who is leading B Carpet as Chief Executive Officer. Kokoszka’s son, Robert M. Kokoszka, will continue as vice president of manufacturing, along with his brother, Jeff Kokoszka, who will continue in CYP production.

Burton Brown says, “It is with great pride that Bob and I see what we’ve built now being led by the next generation, dedicated to continuing the tradition of custom design and quality production. Our customers and I can be confident that B Carpet will only increase in excellence and success.”